I’m currently in my mid 30’s, making good money but don’t feel I’m doing enough to gain true financial freedom.  I’m creating this blog to hold myself accountable to achieve my goal of working for myself and truly having financial freedom.  Your comments and support are greatly appreciated and I hope my journey can help you in some way, achieve your own personal goals.

Area’s of improvement:  The biggest area I need to start improving is to follow a better routine on a daily basis.  Going to the gym regularly is something that I’m going to try and build around.  My wife goes every morning so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a start on it.

Habits to break:

Smoking – I am a long time smoker and am ready to quit, not only for my health but for the financial reasons as well.




Paying off Credit Cards

Micro payments


Made a $100 to bring a CC balance down to 667 – goal is to pay it off by October.